Available fleet
Top of the range cars regularly authorized air-conditioning, radio and driver experience.

For rental services with driver, with the exception of transfers, apply a minimum of 2 hours of available hourly. For direct transfers extra urban (and on), the rate is calculated using beginning and end of the shed.

The rates include fuel and motorway tolls in Italy. Rates do not include surcharges for night work and / or holiday service, charges a driver, highway tolls abroad, charges for ferries and tunnels, car parks, services, inputs and ZTL in the historic centers as needed. VAT rate applied 10% (ten percent).

Expenditure driver
In the case of services that require a long night of the driver out of his house is due to the reimbursement of hotel expenses will be disclosed at the time of booking. For each service a period equal to or greater than the 8 hours is due to the repayment of the meal that the driver will be announced at time of booking. At the 12th hour following the start of the service, the second meal of the driver is provided for the same price.

Holiday Service: extra 20% of the ordinary rate. Holidays like Christmas Day, New Year and Easter: increase of 50% of the ordinary rate. During nighttime (from 20:00 - 08:00 am): increase of 20% of the ordinary rate. Any extension of rental and / or requests for additional services not booked, to be agreed with the booking office.

Additional services fee
Mobile usage

Welcome service at airports
These services are available upon request at cost to be agreed when booking.

Booking Cancellation
With notice of the 6 and 3 hours before the service work we apply a penalty equal to 50% of service booked, on the first day of rental. With notice of less than 3 hours before the start of the rental or in case of no show / refusal of service by the customer will apply a penalty equal to 100% of service booked, on the first day of rental. When booking a service of two or more consecutive days, the customer must reconfirm the service for the following days. In case of non-reappointment, the services booked for the following days shall be deemed automatically deleted.

The driver will meet clients with the sign indicating the name Chauffeur Service Rating:
At the airport: passenger exit of the arrivals hall after customs;
Railway Station: at the head of the train if not agreed otherwise;
At the port: the quay where it is expected to land passengers;
In the city: In the place indicated by the booking office.

Gratuities are at the discretion of the clientele.

The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss of luggage.

Services Abroad
The general conditions for the services are differentiated from one state to the atrium. Refer to the time of booking.

Option 1
Through financial credit card at time of booking to report: the number, the expiry of the credit card and the name and address of the cardholder. Send by fax, photocopy paper with the authorization to debit the amount of the subscribed services. We will debit card transaction by telephone.
Option 2
Through wire transfer must be made 3 days before the service with same day as the currency of payment for Chauffeur Service. Faxing copy of the bank run at least one day before the service. The driver is not authorized to collect the amount of service directly from the customer.

The total amount of the service will be invoiced directly to the client by CHAUFFEUR SERVICE, upon notice when booking invoice header (name, billing address and VAT).




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